Clash Mini is the latest released game by the new Shanghai-based Studio. SuperCell has launched this game that takes the user experience to a new level. In this game, there are multiple players connected online that have to compete against each other.

There is a playing board at the centre where players have to use or place their army or troops called Minis to engage in a fight or defend the area. The characters or troops included in this game are taken from the other game versions released by Supercell such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

There are now several hacks and cheats available on the web for this game too but most of them are scam and not working properly. They are just getting people to perform some surveys and gather the information. Using the Clash Mini Hack tool, you can fill your inventory with gems and money in your game account. You can also grow your troops stronger quickly.

Advantages of Using Free Clash Mini Generator

  • Add unlimited gems and coins in your Clash Mini game account
  • It’s up to date and works with any Clash Mini game account
  • This hack tool is supported for Android and iOS devices
clash mini generator

Steps to Use Clash Mini Hack

There are some easy and simple steps for adding money and gems to your game account with this free tool. You don’t need Clash Mini Cheats or any other such thing. Simply follow these steps below.

  • Click on the above “Access online generator” button
  • Enter the username of your game.
  • Then you have to select all the given fields including the number of gems and coins you want to include in the account
  • Then you have to click on the Generate button that is provided below after you have verified your Clash Mini game account on the generator.
  • Wait for the generator to generate free gems and coins for your Clash Mini game account and then check it in your account.

In case your account doesn’t get the verification or fails to transfer the gems and coins, then you can also try a manual method for this. This human verification process will help you manually complete the transfer process for your game account. Let’s see how.

Completing Human Verification Manually

Here we have listed few steps from which you can verify your account manually and get free unlimited gems and coins in your account. For the human verification process manually, follow these steps.

  • As a basic requirement, you may have to share the Clash Mini Hack site with others.
  • After that, click on the “verify now” button.
  • There will be some instructions given that you need to follow to complete the verification process.
  • After that, your human verification process is completed and the generator will work for your account easily.
clash mini hack

Features of Clash Mini Hack

Following are some of the great features of this hack and generator tool for the Clash Mini game. You can look at each feature in-depth below.


The Clash Mini Generator Tool protects your account and basic info from being shared with a third party. It also doesn’t let your account get banned from the game. With its proxy and improved updates, every user is secure using this hack tool for the game.


The interface of Clash Mini Hack is very simple and easy. Its user is friendly as there is only a basic home page where the user can directly add the account info and select the desired amount of coins and gems to be transferred to the account and then click the generate button.


It has a fast generating speed for gems and coins into your game account. Users are only required to share their account’s basic info and then select what they desire. The desired gems are transferred to the account within seconds.

New Technology

As the game is a new release, this tool is also new that includes Clash Mini Cheats to let a user get stronger than its opponent with an easy and quick method using this new technology tool. Due to the latest update releases and expert team, this is a very fresh and responsive hack tool.


It also works with Proxy to hide your location and connection to the game. You can add coins and gems while hiding your IP address with the risk of getting ban from any cheating or other reasons from the game. This also protects you from the interference of any third parties.


What is the best thing about this generator tool? It is free! The best thing about this latest released hack is that you don’t have to pay any penny to get all these features to improve your game and get free gems and coins using this Clash Mini Hack Tool. It is just free for everyone to use.